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Transform your life and create space: Say 'no' more often

Busy isn’t better. It’s just busier.

PLYMOUTH, Minnesota — Saying “no” to the crazy number of demands can be really hard. 

“We say yes because it feels too hard to say no," said Alissa Daire Nelson, transformational success coach and owner of Daire Success Coaching

Nelson warns it’s easy to allow your calendar to fill up with all the things you "have to do." But, do you? She adds it’s OK to say no to other people’s (and even your own) "shoulds."

Nelson says find your "rocks." Put them in your calendar as non-negotiable. Then, begin saying no to other people’s priorities but not your own. This can be hard to do at first. Nelson suggested a couple of books to help: "Give and Take" by Adam Grant and "Essentialism" by Greg McKeown. For more information and additional resources, click here.