YMCA dance classes are a good way to have some fun and stay healthy, both physically and mentally. They are great inter-generational activities too. Amy McGarness, a YMCA ForeverWell specialist, says the benefits of dance are numerous, and dancing can be done by any one at any age or any ability. “We can dance with our whole body or just some of the body – even just a tapping toe or sweeping arms. Dancing stimulates many parts of the brain, requiring coordination, rhythm, sequencing, memory, and may help to reduce cognitive decline and improve mood,” said McGarness.

“Older generations grew up dancing; social dances have almost become a thing of past, but there are still many opportunities to meet new people, learn new dances, and move your body while doing it.” McGarness says dancing can be a great stress reliever and creative outlet. It’s also a fun way for family members to connect and get some great exercise at the same time. For more information about the YMCA summer programs and activities for all ages, click here.