Transitioning from summer vacation mode to the 'back to school' mindset can be brutal, but getting organized can help out immensely.

To help parents out, organizational expert and consultant Michelle Vig from Neat Little Nest visited KARE 11 Saturday to calm our own Belinda Jensen, who is dreading her own upcoming school transition. Among Michelle's suggestions: 

  • Think ahead: Take time to map out and establish a weekly reset, to consider the week that lays ahead and prepare for it. Prep on weekend for week ahead. 
  • Meal planning: Have menu, ingredients on hand and ready so you are in 'do' mode, not think-and-scramble mode.
  • Have kids pack lunches and snacks: "They can do it," says Vig, so you don't have to. 
  • Share the plan: Use an e-calendar, or an old school chalk or erasable white board to make sure everyone knows the IMPORTANT things on the daily schedule.