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'Birdchick' explains how to birdwatch during winter

Since 1997, 'Birdchick' has made birding her passion and career and has written three books on it. She joined KARE11 Saturday to talk about birding in winter.

MINNEAPOLIS — While the Land of 10,000 Lakes may be in the frigid months of winter, there are still ample opportunities to go birdwatching.

Currently common redpolls are moving into Minnesota, making now the perfect time to go out and notice these tiny birds around finch feeders, according to 'Birdchick' Sharon Stiteler.

Stiteler dropped in for one of her frequent visits to KARE11 Saturday, to explain how to deal with starlings and how to spot a snowy owl at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. She also discussed heated bird baths.

Since 1997 Stiteler has been an avid birdwatcher and bird expert and is also known as Birdchick. She has written three books on birdwatching and writes regularly on her blog and discusses it on her podcasts.

In her latest blog, Stiteler talked about snow buntings use bird boxes instead of using burrows made by lemmings, and how much of a common sight they are in Minnesota.

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