GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — We’re here with Chefs Asher Miller and Tom Meuleners from Book Club to share their James Beard Blended Burger.

It’s all about mushrooms not on top of the burger, but blended INTO meat. Book Club says, it’s no secret that the plant-forward movement is on the rise, and the blended burger is the perfect hybrid option for folks who want a little improvement without sacrificing the meat.

Book Club’s burger is a steak and Portabella mushroom burger blend with roasted red peppers, arugula, Fontina cheese, basil pesto and balsamic aioli.

The James Beard Foundation is hosting a national restaurant competition called The Blended Burger Project, featuring more than 400 restaurants nationwide blending chopped mushrooms with meat for burgers that are more delicious, nutritious and sustainable. 

Customers nationwide are currently voting for their favorites. And of the hundreds of restaurants from all 50 states taking part, one Minneapolis restaurant – Book Club Restaurant – says they are currently in the top 10 in votes received. Chefs Asher Miller and Tom Meuleners from Book Club are here to share their delicious entry, and encourage you to vote for it.