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Burger battle between two Twin Cities chefs/restaurants

A contentious but delicious fight to award "best burger" honors for two local businesses.

It was the "Burger Battle Royale" on KARE 11 Saturday with the chef of Gold Nugget Tavern and Grille going up against the chef of Victoria Burrow

Belinda, Dave and Bobby tried each of the burgers and voted on their favorite. 

The winner will now be served at BOTH restaurants and appropriately named the "KARE 11 Saturday Burger Battle Winner!" 

The burger will possibly be added to the menu permanently!


Gold Nugget: Chef: Jim Jacobson

Philly Cheesesteak Burger

-7 oz Ground Beef

-1 oz Green Bell Peppers

-1 oz Red Bell Peppers

-4 oz Philly Beef Steak

-2 oz Provolone Cheese Sauce

-1 oz Sauteed Onions

-1 oz Sauteed Mushrooms

-1 Brioche Bun

Form ground beef into a burger patty, season with salt and pepper to taste and grill to desired temperature. Saute meat until golden brown, place on top of burger. Saute vegetables together with butter until soft, place on top of meat on burger. Ladle provolone cheese sauce over the top, place everything on toasted brioche Bun.

Victoria Burrow: Chef: Nicolas Gonzalez

Buenos Noches Burger

-7 oz Ground Beef

-1 oz Diced Poblano Pepper

-1 oz Blended Egg

-1 oz Diced Red Apples

-1 oz Goat Cheese

-2 oz Heavy Cream

-2 oz Walnuts

-1 oz Almonds

-1 Sesame Bun

Mix goat cheese, heavy cream, walnuts and almonds in a blender, blend until mixed and smooth. Form ground beef, poblano pepper, egg and apples into a patty, season with salt and grill to desired temperature. Place on a toasted sesame bun and pour the sauce over the top.