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Cacamamie: The number 2 game in America

This new card game is the perfect way to celebrate upcoming National Poop Day on Feb. 8.

Do you know someone who loves potty humor? Did you find 2020 to be a sh*t show? Here’s a perfect gift for everyone who fits the bill: a new card game -- Cacamamie.

It's the #2 Game in America (get it?) created by two Twin Cities friends and entrepreneurs.

Cacamamie is a poop-based card game. It’s great for groups of friends on Zoom, far flung families and anyone who wants a good laugh.

Cockamamie means ridiculous, which sums up this game. Change the spelling to caca and you’ve got yourself a ridiculous poop game. 

Players drop their Caca Cards by answering trivia questions including “What place has been known to give people the urge to poop?” Charades cards ask players to act out “Dropping the kids off at the pool." Voting cards wonder “Who wipes standing up?” Plus other fun twists and movements. Much of the fun comes from the hilarious conversations it sparks. 

Cacamamie is available for $20 at CacamamieGame.com and at select Twin Cities retailers including Mischief Toy Store, Games by James, and Down in the Valley starting Feb. 8. It’s best for 4-10 players aged 17+.