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Family Fun Gadgets While the Family is Stuck at Home

Learn about some family fun gadgets and games to play while the family is spending more time at home.

If you're finding that your family is bored with many activities cancelled or on hold, check out some fun gadgets and games from Gadget Nation.

Steve Greenberg is the author behind Gadget Nation. He also helps inventors land licensing deals and showcases new products on television.

Smart Buddies Virtual Summer "Camp-In-A-Box" -- is a 2-week online camp for kids interested in coding concepts, learning to create interesting games, obstacle courses and dances based on mathematical concepts, while meeting like-minded kids from around the country. The camp expands the experience of using and working with the Smart Buddies Self-Balancing Coding Robot. Interacting with new personalities and meeting new people from across the country is such a huge part of going away to camp. Smart Buddies is excelling at capturing this experience and making it as similar to the real deal as possible. Camp sessions are June 1st & 15th and July 1st & July 13th. Smart Buddies is brought to you by Smart Gurlz, the world's first line of self-balancing coding robots for kids. Smart Gurlz appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank and these award-winning products have been recommended by the Girl Scouts of America and BlackGirlsCode. Smart Buddies are a diverse set of characters on self-balancing, programmable scooters that girls and boys can code to zoom, spin, race and dance! Connected via smartphone or tablet, Smart Buddies allows kids, ages 6 and up to immerse themselves in STEM. They're on a mission to engage all K-K6 students, including those who are currently underrepresented in STEM. We’re all adapting to the new normal, but we can still give our kids a shot at a summer of fun, meeting new friends and setting them up to be ahead of the curve this coming school year. A Smart Buddies Self-Balancing Coding Robot and 2-weeks of ZOOM camp is $179. The cost of a Smart Buddies without the camp is $99.99. For more info, find it here.


The Adventure Challenge -- is a mystery scratch-off book with 50 creative adventures... The catch? You don't know what you're doing until you scratch it off, and once you pick an adventure, you HAVE to do it. No take backs! Each edition was designed to help you explore outside of your habits, dive deeper into relationships, and create meaningful memories. Finally, the book & camera set doubles as a keepsake, allowing you to memorialize your experience. The cost of just the book is $39.99 and the combo of the book and camera is $147.99. All three editions (The Couple's Edition, The Friend's Edition, and The Family Edition) can be ordered through theadventurechallenge.com.

PoolCandy Tube Runner -- is a motorized pool tube that features a 3-blade propeller that will move you effortlessly through the water. Complete freedom of movement with 360 degrees of control that allows you to move forward, reverse or even to spin in a circle, all at the touch of a button. Lightweight and easy to carry, the Tube Runner is an easy way to ramp up water time fun. Drive around the pool with a powerful 66-watt motor that activates at the touch of a button – spin and turn in every direction. The heavy-duty material holds up to 250lbs and the 48” diameter ensures total comfort. Safety first…the Tube Runner’s 3-blade propeller is fully enclosed behind a protective safety grill. PoolCandy Tube Runner is $129.99 and you can find more details at: www.poolcandy.net


 Virus Card Game -- When Goliath launched this card game in January of this year, they never expected a global pandemic to boost consumer sales by 10 times overnight. The company gave back and all proceeds from the game made in April went to the World Health Organization to support pandemic research. Virus the card game is all about protecting your organs while attacking others in this easy-to-learn card game. Place a virus on another player’s organ card to sabotage them, or use a medicine card to immunize your own organs. Use your wits and thwart your rivals’ efforts – the first player with four healthy organs wins! Virus Card Game starts at $18.99 and it’s for 2-6 players, ages 8 and up. You can find it on Amazon here.

For more information on Steve or Gadget Nation, visit his website and click on Steve's blog at stevegreenberg.tv.

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