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'Gadget Nation' author showcases gifts for grads and dads

These gadgets make perfect gifts for upcoming grads, or for Father's Day, which is right around the corner.

Steve Greenberg, author of Gadget Nation, shared some new gadgets with KARE11 that make perfect gifts for grad or dad in your life.

Here's a list of gadgets:

Prinker — Thinking about getting a tattoo but worried about the pain and making a life-long decision? Prinker is your perfect solution! It is the world's first mobile digital temporary tattoo device that makes it easy to create and apply water-resistant but soap-washable custom temporary tattoos. Prinker inks use a unique cosmetic formula that is EU CPNP and FDA VCPR-compliant, to deliver vivid color and rich blacks without staining or irritation to the skin, making it safe, even for children! Do you enjoy changing your look on the fly? Prinker’s Content Platform has more than 8,000 ready-designs that you can use or you can even customize your own!  Complement your OOTD with a brand new design every day. Price starts from $269.00, for more info, go to www.prinker.us.

Earin A-3 — Perfect for Dad or that recent grad -- The Earin A-3 True Wireless earbuds. Dad and/or your future grad will love listening to their favorite music, podcast, or audio book while relaxing, exercising or traveling. The A-3 are also great for making calls to stay connected and are ideal for a work from home set-up. Combining sleek, Scandinavian design with innovative audio and wireless connectivity features, the A-3 are the smallest earbuds on the market. Users can expect superior audio quality with custom speakers that provide a crisp and clean sound with deeper base. Utilizing an “open” design, the A-3 sits comfortably in the outer ear, making them easy to wear throughout the day, as well as an attractive and discreet appearance with the removal of the ‘stem’ found in typical wireless earbuds. Other user-friendly features include the option for wireless and wired charging, an intuitive touch interface on the earbud to quickly answer calls or play music, and no designated “right” or “left” earbud. The A-3 are also sweat, water and dust resistant. The A-3 are available now on www.earin.com.

AirFly by Twelve South lets you easily use your wireless headphones with the in-flight entertainment system. No need to buy the airline's headphones when all you have is your wireless buds. Plug this tiny transmitter into a headphone jack to listen to in-flight movies or the TVs at the gym. With multiple models users can pick the device with what they need, for example, AirFly Pro acts as a wireless splitter, so you can connect two wireless headphones at the same time. Find it at twelvesouth.com.

EazyHold -- Gotta Getta Grip?  Are your hands giving out after 2 hours of painting the house, digging that 5th post hole, or reeling in that big fish? There's a solution for that! It's an innovative grip assist that helps you get a better hold on tools that require a firm grasp and a repetitive motion.  It helps relieve the stress and strain that tool use puts on hands and joints, and gives you more control. Use EazyHold for working around the house and garden. For activities like fishing, tennis, and rowing. Great for no-drop tools when working up on a ladder, or in tight spaces like automobiles or boat engines. Even for musical instruments, Eazyhold makes holding drumsticks effortless. Rock on and get a better grip with EazyHold! eazyhold.com.

Sofa Stud is a neat and nifty couch cup holder. It uses the space between couch cushions for stability instead of the place where the remote and spare change end up. It has a slim paddle on the end that slides between couch cushions and the broad base holds dad's favorite beverage. The Sofa Stud has a three inch opening so it can hold a 12 oz. can, bottle or cup. Stop spilling, more chilling with Sofa Stud! For more info, visit sofastud.com.

For more information on Steve Greenberg, visit stevegreenberg.tv.

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