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Floral gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Len Busch Roses has tips on the best flowers for your loved ones, and how to arrange them just right.

We should always take time to let the people we love know they're special to us. But it's even more fun to do it on Valentine's Day!

And nothing says it like a bouquet of flowers they can show off in that next Zoom meeting.

Len Busch Roses in Minneapolis has some advice on the best floral gifts for your loved ones, and how to make sure they get there in time.

  • Order early and ship early to make sure they get the gift by the big day
  • Call your local florist directly to get the best value and service
  • Not all shops deliver on Valentine's Day, so plan ahead
  • Consider giving a plant instead of flowers, if you want something that will last longer
  • It doesn't have to be a dozen roses. Small, petite floral arrangements are trendy right now for home office spaces, or even the kitchen, bathroom or bedside table.

Georgia Edgington, lead designer at Len Busch Roses, also has tips on how to arrange a dozen roses for that "wow" factor.

  • Add flower food to the vase
  • Put the greens in first
  • Cut the roses at different lengths so they're displayed in tiers