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Minnesota family invents solution to dog dilemma: The 'Pu Pouch'

The Glass family said the pouch is a smell-free way to carry your dog's "business" during walks.

MINNEAPOLIS — Dog lovers, listen up: a local family has discovered a discreet, smell-free way to ensure your dog walks remain worry-free. 

The Glass family of Edina developed the "Pu Pouch" last year to better enjoy walks with their own Goldendoodle, Leo. The family said the current marketplace lacked a convenient, durable and reusable product that relies on a patent-pending design and materials, and would benefit both families and the environment. 

“It was great to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and say ‘Hi’ to our neighbors from afar,” said Jenn Glass, founder of Adogco, in a statement about the family’s pandemic walks that inspired their invention.  

“What was not great was carrying around Leo’s poop and we began thinking, ‘There must be a better way,'" Glass continued.

Glass spoke with KARE 11’s Karla Hult in an interview that ran on KARE 11 Saturday. For more information about Adogco and the Pu Pouch, visit adogco.com

Glass provided these additional details about design, pricing and inspiration:  

"Adogco’s patent-pending Pu Pouch is a lay-flat, sealable pouch with an interior film that conceals odor. The reusable pouch comes with a zip tie that’s easily threaded through the pouch’s grommet to attach to any leash or loop. Dog owners pick up their dog’s poop with any bag they choose, drop the bag into the pouch, and seal it up until it can be removed and disposed of properly. Then the pouch is ready for reuse."

Glass said the American Pet Products Association (APPA)’s study under the National Pet Owners Survey (2019-20) uncovered that more than 85 million households in the U.S. had one or more pets, and 74.6% of them were dogs. She said between that and new pets adopted in the pandemic, lots of people are walking lots of dogs. 

The pouch is Adogco’s first product, retails for $9.95 and is available at adogco.com, Amazon, and selected retailers. It’s currently available in black with optional reflective tabs and a "sleek, stylish" design. 

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