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New local business helps people stay in touch

The goal of Quill & Cue is to inspire you to send one handwritten card each month.

Meet Quill & Cue, your go-to for spreading unexpected joy! Quill & Cue is a subscription card service that inspires you to do something simple but impactful – send one handwritten card per month.

After you sign-up, you’ll receive a surprise packet in the mail each month that contains a beautiful card (left blank), along with the envelope, a stamp, and a Cue Card.

 If you aren’t sure who to send the card to, or if you like the idea of surprise inspiration, that’s where the Cue Card comes in. The Cue Card contains clever prompts to help you pick a recipient and craft your message. No writer’s block here! Then, put pen to paper and send it off. This might just be the handwritten note they keep forever.

Quill & Cue offers a Kid subscription as well. The Kid subscription features whimsical designs and kid-specific Cue Cards to get kids thinking about who they appreciate and why.

Now is the time to Be Their Joy! Check it out at www.quillandcue.com

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