No Dog Left Behind is partnering with Red Cow in Uptown for a very special "Dog Days of Summer" adoption event Saturday, August 3rd from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Join your friends for this fun parking lot party that will feature Red Cow's burgers, turkey sliders, cheese curds and corn dogs as well as a beer trailer and a cow-shaped bouncy house!

You'll also get to meet 10-20 rescue dogs that will be available for adoption. Go for fun and leave with a new friend!

Dog Days of Summer Parking Lot Party

Red Cow Uptown

2626 Hennepin Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55408

Check out Red Cow’s Facebook Page for more details

60/40 Slider Recipe

12 ounces ground beef

8 ounces bacon, ground

salt & pepper to taste

Six 2 ½ inch slider buns

6 slices of bacon, coated with brown sugar and then baked to candy

6 small slices of cheddar cheese

Mustard to taste

6 squares of aluminum foil


Dice and grind bacon in a meat grinder or food processor.

Place bacon and ground beef in a bowl and kneed together until well combined

Make 6 equal patties season and cook on a griddle until they reach 165 degrees internal temperature.

After you flip them place cheese on to melt.

Butter and griddle buns until golden brown. Place a dollop of mustard on the bottom of each bun and place the burger on top of the mustard.

 Cut each slice of candied bacon in half and top each burger with it. Place the lid on each burger.

Wrap each burger individually with foil and hold hot for service. A roaster works great for this on low heat.