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Organization tips for pet owners

Learn organization tips from a local professional on how and where to store all of your pet's products.

Whatever type and number of pets you have, one thing is certain, you likely have some supplies on hand for them from food and treats to toys and textiles to medicine and grooming. 

Twin Cities expert organizer Michele Vig of Neat Little Nest shared her top tips for keeping your stuff for Fido or Felix in tip-top shape.

  • Designate a location where pet supplies live – having pet supplies scattered all over the house makes it difficult to find what you need when you need it, so designate a specific area for pet storage so all of your supplies are located in a central spot like a drawer in the kitchen, entryway or mudroom.
  • Use bins to give subcategories of items a home – whether you’re organizing the items in a drawer or on a shelf, use bins to keep like-items together. Put medicine with medicine, collars with collars, toys with toys and so on.
  • Decant high-use food items into air-tight bins – keeping an open bag of dog food out is an invitation for pests in your home. Once a bag is open, decant it into air-tight containers to improve freshness and keep pests away.
  • Create a dog-walking station – creating a dog-walking station near an entrance makes it easy to leash up and get outside. Stick to the main items like harness, leash, pick up-sacks and leave overflow to the designated location where pet supplies live.

Neat Little Nest is a full-service professional organizing company servicing the Twin Cities. If you’re looking for a professional organizer or would simply like more tips on decluttering and organizing, visit the Neat Little Nest at neatlittlenest.com.

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