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Problem-solving gadgets

Check out these gadgets that will hep you address a variety of challenges.

"Gadget Nation" author Steve Greenberg is back with five problem-solving gadgets. These gadgets will be able to help people of all ages solve a variety of problems

Problem: Getting out of a chair/sofa.

Solution: SitnStand Portable Smart Lift Chair-- This is the world's first portable device that solves a common problem for people living with restricted mobility: Safe and independent standing transfers. It enables you to keep the chair/sofa you love and to maintain your existing sitting comfort while keeping your mobility. No more missing out The SitnStand can be used practically in almost any sitting environment: Couch, Sofa, Chair - both Indoor and Outdoor (including boating). Very SAFE to use with a precise and powerful floating mechanism. When it is inflated it is very hard and stable with four inflating stages that enables fully controlled natural standing/sitting experience. Very easy to use with no installation, no assembly, no cables, and comes with a washable seat cover. You can take The SitnStand anywhere. The product is lightweight, comes with carrying bag and operates with a rechargeable battery for 4-7 days. Available now exclusively on Amazon for $450.

Problem: Keeping an eye on the weather conditions around your home whether you are home or away,

Solution: La Crosse Technology's Wi-Fi Wind and Weather Station -- Whether you’re planning an afternoon BBQ or deciding if you need a jacket on your way out the door, the WI-FI Wind & Weather Station from La Crosse Technology will take the guesswork out of planning your day. The indoor station displays forecast information at-a- glance with outdoor temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction provided by the easy to set up multi Breeze Wind Sensor - boasting a 400-foot transmission range, you are sure to get the data you need right from your own backyard. In the world of smart home technology we know it’s important to stay connected, download the La Crosse View app and monitor your home’s conditions from the palm of your hand and avoid potential disasters. With WI-FI receive advanced forecasting, chance of precipitation, sunrise/sunset times, air quality, time and date - all provided by AccuWeather. Enhance your system further with a variety of add-on sensors available at lacrossetechnology.com. Options include a rain sensor, water leak sensor, pool sensor, and temperature and humidity sensors, historical data and graphs can be viewed through the La Crosse View app. The perfect solution for you to stay connected. Available mid-October from Costco and Costco.com for $79.99.

Problem: Finding a cost-effective cleaner and disinfectant

Solution: Force of Nature Toxic-Free Cleaner and Disinfectant -- This is a safe make-it-yourself cleaner and disinfectant can clean and kill 99.9% of germs without toxic chemicals. Meet the little appliance that uses electricity to convert salt, water & vinegar into a multi-purpose cleaner and disinfectant that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. It's EPA registered and approved for use against Covid-19, so it keeps your family safe from the virus without exposing them to harmful residues or fumes. Gentle enough to spray on a baby’s toy and then hand it back to your baby without rinsing. It's the only EPA registered disinfectant you can make on your kitchen countertop so you can make it whenever you need it, and it's approved for use in hospitals, ICUs, daycare centers, schools, restaurants, gyms and more. Plus a bonus feature-- you get your cabinet space back too? It replaces bleach, kitchen, bathroom and glass cleaners, deodorizers and sanitizers with just one simple, powerful product that tackles any sticky, grimy, greasy, germy, stinky mess. Even better, each bottle of cleaner you make costs just 80 cents, so it saves money too. Starter Kits are $56 with free shipping. Check it out at: ForceofNatureClean.com

Problem: Everytime you wash or dry your bed sheets they end of clumped in a tangled, twisted mess. They don't clean, they don't dry,

Solution: Wad-Free for Bed Sheets -- If you’re tired of your bed sheets getting tangled, twisted, and balled-up in the laundry, then you’re going to love this new laundry gadget. Wad-Free™ for Bed Sheets is intended for use in both the washing machine and the dryer. It stops your sheets from turning into that roped-up, mangled mass that can send the washer off-balance and takes more than one cycle to dry. This reusable gadget attaches easily to your sheets and keeps the entire load separated so everything comes out cleaner and dries up to 75% faster with fewer wrinkles. You can even run other clothes with your sheets and everything still comes out clean and dries without all the small stuff getting trapped and soggy inside a tangled sheet. Wad-Free reduces wear-and-tear on your appliances and on your sheets. Wad-Free™ for Bed Sheets saves you time and money, and cuts down on your energy bills. It truly is a game-changer in the laundry room. It’s manufactured using partially recycled plastic and is made in the USA. Each package contains two — enough for one set of sheets — and is only $18.99. More information at wadfree.com. You can also find it on Amazon

Problem: Finding a truly unique gift that really comes from the heart for ANY occasion.

Solution: Songlorious -- Greeting cards are so ‘yesterday.’ It’s hard to find a good fit, you can’t personalize them, and they typically get thrown in the garbage as soon as they’re opened. Enter Songlorious, a company with a stable of musicians who will compose and perform a one-of-a-kind song JUST FOR YOU. Want to wish your mom a happy birthday? Propose to your main squeeze? Send a lullaby to your pregnant friend? Create a song for the first dance at your wedding? Tell Grandma and Grandpa you are thinking of them even though you can’t visit during Covid? Simply specify the genre (there’s a choice of 10 from country to blues and electropop) mood (happy, sad, romantic, reflective, funny), song length (30 seconds to 3 minutes), voice preference (male, female or none) and details (Who is the song for? What’s the occasion? What’s the song about?). Your custom song will be ready for download within four days. Prices begin at just $45. Songlorious founders Omayya Atout and Ellen Hodges were inspired to start the company because of a song request from a friend. It makes a great gift but it is also giving struggling musicians a way to make some side cash, especially in these tough times. Check it out at: songlorious.com.

To find out about more gadgets, visit stevegreenberg.tv. Be sure to also check out his new YouTube gadget game show, "What The Heck Is That." It’s a fun show — like a mix of “Shark Tank” and “What’s My Line?” where panelists try to guess the identity of a mystery gadgets. You can find the link at GadgetGameShow.com

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