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'So Many Goodbyes' offers support, resources for those impacted by Alzheimer's

KARE 11's Karla Hult started the organization on Father's Day to provide anyone impacted by Alzheimer's a source for support and assistance.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn — Millions of Americans and their families know the journey of the “long goodbye.”

KARE 11’s Karla Hult is one of them. Only she prefers to describe Alzheimer’s disease as a series of “so many goodbyes… each one of them, heartbreaking.”

Karla and her family first started seeing signs of Alzheimer’s in her dad, Robert “Bob” Hult, in 2010. For the next nine years, the Hult family watched as the disease slowly stole their loved one – beginning with Bob’s confusion, continuing with his inability to recognize his daughters and ending with the final goodbye in 2019.

Karla shared her personal story through a series on KARE 11 called "So Many Goodbyes" and on Father's Day, Karla started a company to give anyone impacted by Alzheimer's — both directly and indirectly — a source for support and assistance.

"Know that you're not alone," said Karla. "You have a village: you have me, you have the Alzheimer’s Association. We are also blessed to live in a community filled with the rich resources and medical expertise of Mayo and the University of Minnesota. So start there – surrounding yourself with support.

But also – and I say this in part from the perspective of 20-20 hindsight – but be sure to savor the moments you still have. Pause and hold the hand of your loved one, even as you navigate all the decisions and grief."

Click here for more information on the company or email Karla at KHult@kare11.com or Karla@SoManyGoodbyes.com. You can also follow So Many Goodbyes on the So Many Goodbyes Facebook page and on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn: @SoManyGoodbyes.