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The art of folding from Neat Little Nest

This Twin Cities professional decluttering and organizing company shares different ways to fold clothing.

With spring cleaning coming up, now is the perfect time to think about organizing. Neat Little Nest is a Twin Cities professional decluttering and organizing company. 

The company's founder, Michele Vig, spoke with KARE 11 about the different ways you can fold clothes.

Vig said that while there isn’t one right way to fold clothes, certain folding techniques work better than others for different types of clothing.

  •  File Folding

File folding is a way to fold clothes which allows the clothes to stand on their own and be “filed” into a drawer. File folding is an efficient use of space and makes it easy to put laundry away because you can file them right in. And unlike when you stack t-shirts, you are able to pull one t-shirt out and not mess up the rest when you file fold.

Vig said she likes file folding graphic t-shirt because you see all the different graphics quickly and pull out what you need.

To file fold a graphic t-shirt, you start with your graphic t-shirt on a smooth surface with the graphic side down. Then, you fold in each side of the arms strongly smoothing out wrinkles as you go. Once it is smooth and in a nice rectangle shape, you pull the bottom of the shirt almost all the way up to the top of the neck leaving a small gap. Then, starting with the neck and folding down, you fold the shirt into thirds.

  • Flat Folding

Flat folding is what we see at retail stores where clothes are folded and then stacked one on top of another. Flat folding clothes is best used when you have more shelves than drawers, and for delicate and bulky sweaters so they are not packed tightly into a drawer.

The first step of flat folding is the same as file folding, so you lay the sweater with the front side down on the smooth surface and fold in each of the arms. When working with delicate fabrics, you will lightly smooth the garment rather than overly smoothing it like you would do with a t-shirt. Once you have the arms smoothed out, you will gently pull the neck of the garment to meet up with the bottom and you’re done.

If you’re looking for a professional organizer or would simply like more tips on decluttering and organizing, visit the Neat Little Nest at www.neatlittlenest.com or follow Neat Little Nest on social media.


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