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Bunny Besties bring cuddles and comfort

Bunny Besties is a local non-profit that offers comfort, support and mental health awareness.

Comfort comes in all forms, but probably few are as cute as fluffy bunnies.

Therapy rabbits can bring a much needed break from daily stress. That's what Jennifer Smith realized when she founded Bunny Besties, a local non-profit that offers comfort, support and mental health awareness.

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Bunny Besties is bringing 13 of these cuties to the Minneapolis Visitor's Center today for hours of snuggles and cuddles. You can find the Minneapolis Visitor's Center across from the Nicollet Mall Metro Transit station. 

"You know it's not going to change the world," Smith said. "But maybe that day, it might change it for some person." 

For $5, you get a three minute bunny break. This event works as a fundraiser for Bunny Besties. 

The money goes towards funding the non-profit's work, which includes visits to hospices, children's hospitals and local universities. 

It's a vital fundraiser for Bunny Besties. The non-profit lost a grant it hoped would fund all of 2019. 

Bunny Besties is made up of volunteers, and running it isn't cheap. 

"Having all of these therapy rabbits and paying for their medical care and their food and everything that they need, their comfy little beds and their carriers, it costs a lot of money," 

It may be difficult to be a "cute little non-profit in town," but Smith says it's where people can start the conversation about mental health. And that is invaluable.

"Just start [the conversation] with a smile, a hug and some cuteness." Smith said.

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