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Calling all 'Curd Nerds': Delivery service seeks WI cheese curd taster

Do you want to travel across Wisconsin and try all of the cheese? This job may be for you.
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — If you have a powerful love of Wisconsin cheese curds and some free time in October, this could be your dream job. 

The delivery service EatStreet is hiring a Wisconsin resident to travel the state with them between October 15th and October 29th to sample the wide variety of tasty, cheesy snacks the state has to offer. 

The job pays up to $12.50 an hour, up to $1,000 for the two weeks the new 'Curd Nerd' would be on the road. The position would be the face of the Curd Campaign on social media. 

If you're interested in the cheesiest job you could possibly list on a resume, an application is posted on the company's website. 

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