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A favorite fall flavor is in short supply at Caribou Coffee

The fall favorite may be in short supply, but another holiday flavor is coming back to the menu later this week.

MINNEAPOLIS — Pumpkin spice latte lovers, listen up!

There is word in the PSL community that Caribou's favorite fall flavor is already sold out. 

We reached out to Caribou Coffee to get to the bottom of this pumpkin spice problem.

They told us their fall beverages are only available while supplies last and this year, guest demand was at an all time high. 

This means some Caribous may run out of their PSL's sooner than anticipated.

So if you can get your hands on one last PSL, savor that sweet nectar and get ready to turn the page.

Caribou said they are announcing their new holiday seasonal offerings,  including their "HoHo Mint Mocha."

Here's Caribou's full statement: 

Our fall beverages are limited time offerings available while supplies last, and this season we brought in more inventory for our fall menu than ever before. Guest demand was at an all-time high, and the popularity of pumpkin products has translated to limited supply at select Caribou Coffee locations.

We’re proud to use premium ingredients in all of our hand-crafted beverages, including real pumpkin puree, and our commitment to quality requires us to invest in inventory months in advance. That sometimes means we run out of certain products earlier than expected.

We recognize guests may be disappointed if they can’t get their pumpkin fix this week. That said, as the weather turns, we’re excited to announce that we are less than a week away from launching our holiday seasonal offerings, including our HoHo Mint Mocha!