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Decluttering your bedroom for better sleep

Declutter expert Melissa Klug gives advice for setting up your bedroom to catch better zzz's.

APPLE VALLEY, Minn. — Melissa Klug is the owner of Home by Eleven, and one of three people in Minnesota certified by tidying-up extraordinaire Marie Kondo. 

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"I love my job so much," Melissa Klug said.

People hire her to get all their stuff in order, including their bedrooms. 

"Your bedroom should be your biggest place of tranquility," she says.

The first thing she recommends is to be mindful about removing clutter. 

"Anything that you have in your room should have a purpose," Melissa says.

In Melissa's bedroom, she and her husband have just a bed, two night stands and a chair. 

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If there's extra space, she says don't feel like you have to fill it. 

Melissa says your nightstand should only be for things that you actually need to help you fall asleep. 

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"Whether that is a book, whether it is a white noise machine, it could be an eye mask, it could be linen spray to help you get some calm," she says. 

The drawer in Melissa's nightstand is all organized with things she needs to help her doze off. 

Credit: KARE

Melissa says she and her husband also put all their clothes away before they go to bed, and they make their bed first thing in the morning. 

"There is just something psychological about it when you go into your room and it looks so nice and it adds to that peaceful, calm feeling," she says. 

Melissa adds that she recommends keeping TVs and phones out of the bedroom as well. 

Credit: KARE

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