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Emoji summer camp is a sign of the times ;-)

Smileys and sad faces are helping kids gain a range of skills.

CHANHASSEN, Minn. — It's literally a sign of the times. Kids are spending a week at an emoji-themed summer camp.

Decorated in round yellow expressions, Emoji Week is held at Life Time in Chanhassen

But before you compare this camp to the camp you went to growing up (you know, the one where you had to walk uphill both ways), Life Time Kids Manager Norah Tucker says to consider the following benefits.

She says Emoji Week teaches kids how to recognize their emotions. 

"It's important for them to learn that it's okay to be happy, it's okay to be sad and mad," Tucker said.

For one of the camp activities, kids created emoji stress balls using balloons, Play-Doh, scissors and markers, which Tucker says counts as STEAM.

Plus, being at Life Time, kids have the opportunity to be active. And while some of them chose to play basketball, others sat down to play Uno and Jenga. (And talk about emotional roller coaster. Jenga is totally on par with the camp theme.)

"We're really developing everything," Tucker said. "It's not just the physical part or the mental part. It's really making well-balanced healthy young kids that grow up to be healthy and loving members of our society."

Although summer break is almost over, there are two more weeks of camp, including the week of August 19.

You can check out the schedule and themes here.

Life Time Summer Camps are open to members and non-members ages 5-12. Families can sign up for a day and do not need to commit to an entire week. The cost varies by location.