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Former Twin Cities Radio Host dealing with COVID-19 symptoms months later

A former Twin Cities radio host who had COVID-19 back in April, is still dealing with the symptoms of the virus months later.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn — A former Twin Cities radio host knows all too well the dangers of COVID-19.

Ben Holsen tested positive for COVID-19 back in April and tells us he is still dealing with the symptoms months later. 

"I started to get a fever and chest tightness was pretty bad and by the time I was going to go to bed at 8 o'clock, I literally couldn't breathe very well," said Holsen in a radio clip from April. 

After living in his basement for two weeks away from his wife and newborn baby, Ben's fever subsided, but weeks, even months after beating the virus, Ben says his body isn't the same.

Credit: Ben Holsen

"I feel like I have almost like this chest cold sometimes that comes and goes, there's like this rattle in my chest, I have extra fatigue," said Holsen. "Sometimes I forget words, where I am a little bit blurry or foggy... I'm colder than I used to be which is weird!"

Ben also sharing this report on his twitter page, more coronavirus survivors sharing their struggles with lasting affects of the virus and their fears of what lies ahead.

"We are learning about this... new things every single day so how is it infecting inside my body," said Holsen. "I have no idea what's to come... that's the worst part."

With so many unknowns about this virus there is one thing Ben knows for certain.

"I thought we were all in this thing together," said Holsen. "There is no conspiracy, I'm not in cahoots with the Governor who is in cahoots with all of the doctors. If they are asking us to wear a mask for just a couple of weeks or months so we can go back to concerts, go back to restaurants and bars, and go back to being able to hang with our friends and family please do it!"

For full transparency, moments after this interview, The Ben and Dana Show was canceled due to COVID-19 budget cuts at the station. Ben still wanted to make sure his story was heard.

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