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Hidden Valley Ranch-flavored Pop-Tart divides the internet

Hidden Valley Ranch was on board. Pop-Tarts was not.
Credit: KARE 11
A Twitter user suggested a collaboration between Hidden Valley Ranch and Pop-Tarts.

People love Pop-Tarts. People love ranch dressing.

So is anyone shocked that one Twitter user suggested a ranch dressing-flavored Pop-Tart?

Hidden Valley Ranch was all-in on the idea, suggesting to Pop-Tarts on Twitter that they team up to "give the people what they want."

Pop-Tarts wasn't having it. They tweeted back, "lol no."

And they didn't stop there. After another person urged Pop-Tarts to make the ranch flavored breakfast pastry happen, they responded, "delete your account."

Looks like you'll just have to stick with putting ranch on pizza and buying Pop-Tart flavors already on the shelves.

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