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Minnesota woman writes a love letter to son after his adoption

Hope O Baker is speaking out about her decision to place her son up for adoption.

MINNEAPOLIS — Hope O Baker wrote the book "Finding Hope: A Birthmother's Journey Into the Light." It's a love letter to her son.

She opens up about the open adoption, plus the heartache, depression, and addiction she experienced.

Baker says letting her child go was very difficult. But over time, she was able to find her voice and find joy in the journey.

Baker also wants the book to be a support system for other birth moms. She says there's a negative stigma surrounding them sharing their stories, and that needs to change.

"Adoption is still kind of this topic people don't want to talk about. Or, they ask adoptive parents like those are the people they want to talk to rather than adoptees or birth parents. The adoptive parents get this spotlight, and things don't change," said Baker. "Birth mothers, we suffer in silence a lot of the time, and that's just how it's always been. But that's changing, and that's a beautiful thing."

Hope visits her son regularly and recently relocated back to Minnesota.

If you'd like to buy her book and read more about her journey, click here.

Credit: Hope O Baker

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