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Tips for finding friends as an adult

The biggest recurring theme on what works was that people needed to be willing, open, and vulnerable when it comes to making new friends.

PLYMOUTH, Minn. — We've heard about apps out there to find love but what if you are just looking to find a friend?

There are apps for that as well, but after asking our viewers how they meet friends as an adult... we got a ton of responses. 

From meeting people at church to joining a new fitness club, the biggest recurring theme of what works was that people needed to be willing, open, and vulnerable when it comes to making new friends. 

Finding friends as an adult can be tough, but finding friends in the digital age has gotten a whole lot easier. 

With apps like Bumble BFF, users can swipe through various profiles and find friends and there are a ton of apps just like this one.

Wink lets you find friends from all over the world.

Peanut specifically focuses on moms connecting with other moms. 

If you already have Facebook, searching out "groups" within the social media site like "Plymouth MN Mamas," for example, you may be as lucky as Sammie Koppenhaver and Laura Hennrich who met there and had an instant connection.

"I had posted in the group that I had a daughter that was about to be 6 weeks old and I was looking for other moms that had young kids that would want to go walking with," said Sammie. "She had responded and said her daughter was also about to be 6 weeks old and that's how we started talking."

Much like dating, Laura and Sammie connected based on their similar interests, religious beliefs, political beliefs and the fact that their two daughters share the same birthday. 

"We talk on the phone almost every day," Sammie said. 

Similar to other moms, Sammie was dealing with severe postpartum depression, which is why she says it's important to be open and willing to meet others because your best friend could be right around the corner. 

"I think it's super important to ask for help sooner than you think you need it," Sammie said. "I didn't realize how bad it was until I was out of it and it was kinda in retrospect. I was like 'Ohhh like that was not great' and even if you don't think anything is wrong, just asking for support and building a village is really important from the get-go."

Laura, who says she's typically shy, says just get yourself out there. 

"Connect with people, make those strange Facebook friend requests, follow someone on social," Laura said. 

What's even better, Sammie and Laura's husbands also became best friends and they've only known each other for about two years. 

Credit: Sammie

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