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How to stay hydrated while mixing up your drink options

Water is always your best bet, but other drinks can help you stay hydrated too.

MINNEAPOLIS — You know how important it is to stay hydrated, but sometimes it can be hard to get your kids -- or yourself -- to drink plain water.

Here are some other things you can try.

What to avoid: Certain high-sodium "hydration packets." They're marketed as a quick way to get hydrated, but many have high amounts of sodium. Registered dietician Gabbie Ricky at Children's Health Andrews Institute in Texas, told KARE 11 affiliate NBC Dallas-Fort Worth that for children you should look for drinks that have 110 to 240 milligrams of sodium per eight ounces.

What can help:

1. Flavor packets...but check the label: KARE's Jennifer Austin recommends True Lemon packets. They only have two grams of sugar and no aspartame. The packets also have stevia leaf extract to add sweetness.

2. Coconut water: While the Mayo Clinic says it is no more hydrating than plain water, they give it the thumbs up because it's low in sugar and has electrolytes, like potassium.

3. Milk: Ricky says this is a really great way of hydrating, because it not only has electrolytes, but protein as well.

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