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Enjoy working remotely? Here's how to talk to your boss about it

Leadership and executive coach Dr. Margie Warrell tells us how to pitch the idea of continuing to work from home when more people are heading back to the office.

MINNEAPOLIS — "There's going to be much more openness towards flexible working - and virtual working at least part of the time," says Dr. Margie Warrell.

Dr. Warrell is a leadership and executive coach, and also the author of the new book, "You've Got This".

She says she expects there to be more of a hybrid model when businesses start welcoming employees back in their buildings, and that working fully remote could come with some hesitation from your boss. 

"It's likely that they're going to have concerns that you won't be as effective as you would be if you were in the office, at least a few days a week," Dr. Warrell says. "That you're missing out on the collaboration with team members, you're missing out on those water cooler/coffee bar conversations, that you're not going to be part of the culture of the team."

That being said, Dr. Warrell says, if you want to talk to your boss about staying fully remote, it's really important to stress productivity. 

"You need to come armed with evidence and great examples of how you have added enormous value and you've done your job incredibly productively over the last year - but how you'll be able to do that in the future," she says.

Whatever situation your employer decides on for you, Dr. Warrell says to be mindful when your mind starts jumping into fear mode. 

"I would say, take a big deep breath and take it one day at a time, one hour at a time," Dr. Warrell says. "Just as you got used to working from home, you'll get used to whatever the new model is that you have moving forward." 

Dr. Warrell recently wrote an article for Forbes about how to ease anxiety if you're making the transition back to the office.