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KARE in the Kitchen: Have leftover hard-boiled eggs? Alicia shares her family's potato salad recipe

Easter is over and you may have a lot of hard-boiled eggs leftover from the holiday. Why not make some potato salad? Alicia shares her family recipe!
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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn — It's grilling season and the perfect side dish to anything thrown on the BBQ is potato salad. KARE 11's Alicia Lewis says her mom's potato salad is THE BEST and a great way to use up leftover hard-boiled eggs from the Easter holiday. 

Here is Mama Lew's Recipe (in her words): 

Well I Really Don’t have a recipe... but I can tell you what I do!

Boil Red potatoes (red because they are sweeter and more firm when dicing... Plus Grandma said😉)

Boil eggs... I like a lot

Let everything cool before peeling!

Chop celery, green onion, green olives, radishes... whatever veggies you like.

Cube cut potatoes

Cut eggs in half and put yolk separate bowl

Dice the egg white and mix all ingredients. I like to pour some Italian dressing over and stir well.

Meanwhile, in your yolk bowl... you make your sauce! Put some olive juice in the yolks to smooth, add mayo or miracle whip if you like it sweeter, yellow mustard, salt/pepper seasoned to your taste.Top with sliced eggs ( remember to save some) paprika and fresh parsley 

Good Luck😉

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