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Looking for work? Jobs in IT are on the rise

Technology workers are in demand right now as most of the world goes digital, and there are options to take online classes and get certifications now.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn — As more employers are asking workers to log into the office from their at-home computers, people need technology now more than ever. 

A New York Times analysis of internet usage in the United States shows how we're using the internet and technology on all major platforms during this pandemic and no surprise here: there's a dramatic spike. 

Credit: New York Times
A chart showing the surge in internet and tech usage amid COVID-19 pandemic

Typically, where there is current demand, there are jobs available.

"Looking at some of the jobs that are available out there, you're looking at computer use specialist, support desk specialist are very in high demand right now," said Danny Joslin, the director of sales at New Horizons, which is a company that offers courses in all things related to jobs in the IT industry.

Danny says he's seen an increase in the number of people who are currently unemployed looking to invest in themselves and their future. 

"Some are looking to prepare themselves for a dream job where they've never had time... they were so busy in what they were doing," said Danny. "They had their passion and never had time to move forward."

For so many people right now, cash is tight, but Danny says there are options out there. 

"When filing for unemployment, many people don't know that also qualifies them for some of the grants that are available through Hired, Indeed, Veterans Affairs, and many more locally," said Danny. 

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