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No school bus? No problem

A shortage of school bus drivers left this team stranded, but now a luxury party bus delivers the St. Paul soccer team to their games in style.

ST PAUL, Minn. — A shortage of school bus drivers has made more than getting to school on time a challenge. After-school activities are also in jeopardy, and forced the Minnesota Math and Science Academy in St. Paul to consider a lavish option.

The 5th and 6th graders on the soccer team now arrive at games in a luxury party bus. Athletic Director Leslie Oskey says the lack of bus drivers made reaching the field by game time dicey.

“We were running into an issue with the bus company just having a shortage in drivers and being able to get to our school on time," Oskey said. 

With the need for reliable transportation a must, a staff connection led to a call with Premier Transportation. Oskey says when they got on the line all the company said was, “We just have luxury buses.”

The private company and the school negotiated a price similar to that of a regular school bus. The finances aren’t top of mind for these young players, but judging by the reaction from these 6th graders, the game transportation is.

Yasmin Hassen said “We’re going to be more comfortable and excited to go to the game.”

“We are grateful to the school that we got a bus like this for the season, and we try to win for the school,” said Siham Shine. 

“It makes you more excited to go to the game," said Miski Ahmed. "It’s like it makes you want to run.”

Usually used for bachelorette parties, graduations, and a good time on wheels, the bus has plush leather seats, blue LED lights, air conditioning and tinted windows. 

Oskey says there’s been a lot of buzz in the hallways over the sweet ride.

“The kids love it. They’re absolutely ecstatic about getting on this luxury bus.”

Whether it’s the party bus, the coaching, or the talent, on this day it pays off with a victory and as the kids settle in for a luxurious ride home, chanting “We won, we won, we won!”

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