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Maintaining New Year's resolutions

Don't give up yet! Choosing to live a healthier lifestyle can be tough.

Has your New Year’s resolution fizzled out? Perhaps it fell off the rails after digging into the nacho’s chicken wings, and beer on Super Bowl Sunday. Don’t fret, even though it’s the second month of 2020 it’s not too late to jumpstart your resolution to get more exercise and make healthier choices in the kitchen.

What you need is a short memory and some motivation. That’s where Brent Foy of Retro Fitness steps in, “The first thing we do is don’t beat ourselves up for what we did yesterday, keep moving forward.”

The next thing you need to grab is a whole bunch of motivation. For most people the hardest part of the workout is getting off the couch and walking in the gym door. Once the door is open, Brent feels coaching, community and consistency are key to maintaining a goal, “let others help hold you accountable ad get you into the gym where the trainers will check up on you and make sure you’re making progress.”

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Once you get in a routine, the motivation starts to come naturally. If you aren’t sure where to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle, Brent suggests focusing on three aspects, “it’s like a 3-legged table. There’s strength training, cardio and diet. And when we don’t do all those things it’s like a wobbly table.”

A common mistake is jumping on a fad diet. They work for some but Brent stresses the key to any eating plan is being able to sustain it. “It has to be something we can do over a long period of time. So, it’s more a lifestyle thing rather than a diet.”

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Remember this isn’t a quick fix, it’s a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a workout or indulge while eating out. Every day is a new beginning, keep moving forward and your resolution for a healthier lifestyle will be in reach.