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Looking for a personal stylist that's not an app? There's a person for that.

In a pandemic world where we are socially distant and masked, shopping can feel so disconnected. Enter the Mall of America’s trend specialist Sara Rogers.

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — We are just a couple of days from the arrival of Old Man Winter, and with seasons changing, so too might your wardrobe.

But in a pandemic world where we are practicing social distance and masking, shopping can feel so disconnected.  Enter the Mall of America’s trend specialist Sara Rogers. She said her job is all about scouting trends and then sharing that with guests.

"I find clients are so good at what they do but they haven’t really focused on this piece of their life as much, and they just maybe need a little guidance on how to pull together an outfit," Rogers said.

These days, there’s an app for everything, even when it comes to finding a new wardrobe. Say you want to create new outfits with the clothes you already have, there’s an app for that. Or what about a personal stylist to send you clothes and you only pay for what you like and send the rest back? There’s an app for that. But if you don’t want the hassle of setting up profiles online or dealing with returns, Rogers offers safe in-person alternatives.

Rogers' personal style service lets you know the latest trends and lay of the land at the MOA. 

Image enhancement is a private consultation to customize styles, colors, and fabrics for you. Her one-to-one services are for special occasions.

Here are six styling tips Rogers is offering up for free:

1. Use the power of color to brighten your complexion 

Sara says see how you glow – or not – when you put the item next to your skin.

2. Look for design details to help counter balance body shape

"I know personally I have narrow shoulders, so I love wearing the puff sleeves, it’s a design detail that really helps to counter-balance my curves," Rogers said.

3. A cardigan can add dimension to items that might not be considered your "A" game, like jeggings

4. A flared jean counter-balances people with a more curvy lower half

5. A blazer paired with a top can broaden narrow shoulders

"There are ways to kind of get around and be able to wear some of the things you love even though it’s maybe not your best silhouette," she said.

6. A fitted coat with a flared bottom can help to define your waist

"It’s not just what I say looks good on you, it’s what you feel good in," Rogers said.

If you want more information about her services, including pricing, visit MOA's website.