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MATTER offers chance to give back this holiday season from the comfort of your own home

With every $100 donation you'll get a snack kit you can use to assemble 50 snack packs for people in need.

MINNEAPOLIS — If you're looking for a safe and easy way to give back this holiday season MATTER needs your help.

The nonprofit is looking for families to assemble snack packs for people in need.

For every $100 donation, MATTER will give you a large snack kit you can use to assemble the 50 snack packs.

“The kit has everything you need to create 50 healthy snack packs along with encouraging notes you can use to put in each pack,” Vice President of Creative Strategy Joe Newhouse says.

Each snack pack includes an apple sauce pouch, a bag of healthy crackers, a serving of peanut butter and an encouraging note.

MATTER usually has companies lining up, ready to send workers to help assemble these kits for team-building exercises, but due to pandemic restrictions, MATTER isn’t allowed to let that many people into the building.

“We had to get creative in order to keep getting healthy food out to the community and this is the idea we came up with,” Newhouse explains.

“I think people have a desire to give back, to want to respond and so we wanted to make a really safe and easy way for people to do that.”

If you want to get involved, you can donate your $100 and pick up your kit at the MATTER headquarters in St. Louis Park.

For an additional $30 the nonprofit will send your kit directly to you in the mail.

Once the snack packs are assembled you can give them out yourself, donate them to your favorite charity or you can bring them back to MATTER and they will give them out to one of the nonprofits they partner with.

Learn more about MATTER at their website

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