Many people love to complain about the driving in their home state. 

Whether you're from Minnesota, Wisconsin or somewhere else, it is common to believe that drivers where you live are the worst out of anywhere. 

But a new study from GasBuddy suggests that drivers in Minnesota should put that feeling on hold. 

In GasBuddy's list of aggressive driving rates in the 30 biggest cities in the nation, Minneapolis-St. Paul ranks number 30. 

That means that the study calls Minneapolis-St. Paul the big city in the nation with the least amount of aggressive drivers.

GasBuddy used its Drives feature in its app to determine these results. 

The top big city named by GasBuddy as the city with the most aggressive drivers is predictably Los Angeles. 

Here are the top ten cities on GasBuddy's list of aggressive driving rates in big cities. 

1. Los Angeles

2. Philadelphia 

3. Sacramento

4. Atlanta

5. San Francisco

6. San Diego

7. Orlando

8. Detroit

9. Austin

10. Las Vegas 

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