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Minneapolis police 'making progress' on robbery cases

16 people have been arrested in cases tied to downtown robberies.

MINNEAPOLIS — We've spent a lot of time talking about violence in St. Paul because the city is on pace to have the most homicides in nearly a decade.

You may remember that not too long ago we were talking about an uptick in crime in Minneapolis, specifically downtown.

Minneapolis Police think they're making progress, especially when it comes to robbery cases.

The department says it has arrested 16 people for robberies. Most are adults, but some are as young as 13.

They say downtown robberies are up 53% from last year, but since these recent arrests, the numbers have gone down. However, that's just for robbery cases.

Recently police released surveillance video from an incident in August that shows a group surrounding a man talking on his cell phone. They take his phone, then start beating him.

Several suspects were in court Wednesday charged with aggravated robbery in connection to the assault.

We looked up numbers on MPD's website of violent crime in the city, and numbers show violent crime has gone up in the past month by 13 incidents.

Violent crime has also gone up 13% from this time last year.

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