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Minnesota is working to find permanent homes for foster children

More than 640 Minnesota kids still need to be adopted, and the state says it's working with multiple organizations to try and find them loving homes.
Credit: KARE 11

MINNEAPOLIS — 2020 was a big year for adoption. In Minnesota alone, 965 children in foster care were adopted.

"When kids enter the foster care system, it's generally because of some type of maltreatment. And that might be physical, or mental, or neglect of some sort," said Tikki Brown with the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Brown says they're working hard to stop that abuse before it happens by providing support to families.

That support comes from the Parents Support Outreach Program, and its goal is to keep families together.

"We know that families and children do better if they are together," said Brown.

Which they do, 90% of the time. But sometimes staying with family isn't possible.

"Then we look into the foster care system, and for adoptive families that can really provide some stabilization," she said.

DHS works with around 10 organizations to place kids with the best families possible. It's a joint effort to make sure the 641 Minnesota kids who still need to be adopted, get adopted.

"There is no substitute for a family. And I think so many people have so much to offer," said Brown.

If you're interested in adopting, there are several information sessions and one-on-one help for families. You can find more information here.