MINNEAPOLIS — We've seen how the partial government shutdown has impacted the TSA nationwide. Over the weekend, at Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport, a terminal closed because of a shortage of TSA workers who have gone unpaid.

But another concern at airports are airplane inspections.

Neil Hoadley is an Airway Transportation System Specialist and works in Rochester, Minn. He and his colleagues maintain radar, landing systems, environmental networks and communications equipment among other tasks. 

He said workers are not inspecting cockpits or parts for airplanes. He said inspections are now falling onto airlines to complete, so projects and certifications are on hold. 

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"You have taken a level of safety, a massive level of safety out of the system. Over time it can't help but start to erode that part of the airspace," Hoadley said. "You want to say everything still safe and yeah but it's not as safe as it was."

Given the concerns, Hoadley said it's still safe to fly. But his coworkers are dedicated to their work and they want it done right. 

When you can't do your job as efficiently and safely as possible, it's frustrating. They're hoping the government shutdown ends soon.

"We honestly just want to get back to doing our jobs as efficiently and safely as we were before this all happened," Hoadley said.

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