GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Minnesota is the 7th least jolly state in the nation.

At least, according to CenturyLink. The telecommunications company researched online activity and energy usage by state and made a map showing which states love Christmas the most.

Minnesota is labeled on the map with a stamp of the Grinch, along with the rest of the bottom 10 states.

On the other hand, Wisconsin is shown to be very merry and bright. It isn't in the top 10, which would have earned them a Christmas tree stamp. Instead, Wisconsin came in at 14th on the list.

Some things that CenturyLink looked at to determine which state was the merriest were the number of Christmas tree farms per capita, online searches for Christmas movies and how much people there tweeted about Christmas.

The top state ranked for Christmas spirit is Washington, while the bottom state is Alaska.