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New high-tech headlights on the way

If you've ever been blinded by an oncoming car while driving at night, you'll appreciate the new headlights recently approved by U.S. safety regulators.

MINNEAPOLIS — We've all been there. 

You're driving at night, and someone coming the opposite direction has the world's brightest headlights.

Apparently there is a solution in the works!

U.S. highway safety regulators are poised to approve new high-tech headlights that won't blind oncoming drivers.

Here's how they work:

The LED headlights will focus their beams on dark areas of the road, like the driver's lane and areas along the roadside and shoulder.

Camera sensors and computers will help determine where the light should go, so it doesn't create glare for oncoming traffic.

The new lights will show up in higher-end vehicles at first, but will likely spread to more mainstream vehicles as the price of the tech drops. The bottom-line goal is to create safer driving conditions for everyone.

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