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November 5: Voters take to the polls

One of the big issues on the ballot is a vote on St. Paul's trash.

In St. Paul, voters will decide on funding for its garbage collecting service, specifically whether or not to repeal Ordinance 18-39.

On the ballot, if voters choose "yes," that means the garbage haulers would continue to bill individual residents or property owners. If voters choose "no," the financial obligation may be shifted from individuals to all property taxpayers in St. Paul. The City says that the cost for garbage collection for 2020 is estimated at $27.1 million, which would require an additional 17.4% increase in the property tax levy if the City were to pay for garbage services.

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The City of St. Paul has posted a break down of what the 'yes' or 'no' vote could mean for voters, available on the city's webpage

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