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Five quick tips for organizing your home

Getting your home organized doesn't have to be hard. Here are some easy ways to get started.

MINNEAPOLIS — Hannah Peterson founded her organizing business, The Organized Home, during the pandemic. She offers in-home organizing and consulting to help her clients get back on track. 

Here are some of the tips she shared for getting started on your own home.

TIP #1: Have a drop zone.

The "drop zone" is a place to put your papers and other things that you can't throw, but also can't deal with immediately. For example, bills or field trip forms.

The drop zone creates a home for what would otherwise be clutter. Peterson uses uniform folders to make it look even more put together. 

Credit: KARE
Peterson created this "drop zone" for one of her clients. She separated the categories into: To pay, to do, and to file.

TIP #2: Have a purge bin.

Peterson recommends keeping a small bag or bin in your closet for items you need to "purge." Try on a sweater which isn't working for you anymore? Instead of hanging it back up, put it in the "purge bin." Once the bin is full, take the items to a donation site. 

TIP #3: Start small so you don't get overwhelmed.

Don't start with your entire pantry. It can be easy to take on a big project, get overwhelmed, and quit. Peterson advises beginning with a small space which causes you stress in your every day life. For example, your junk drawer or kitchen utensil drawer. 

TIP #4: Sort like items together.

This might seem obvious, but there's an art to sorting. Peterson says begin by pulling everything out. Before you choose categories and sort accordingly, think about your space. How much room do you have for bins? Can you fit in several small bins with narrow categories (for example: multipurpose spray)? Or several bigger bins with broader categories (example: cleaning supplies)? 

Peterson recommends using the same style and color of bin to make everything look uniform.

Credit: KARE
Peterson suggest getting the same type of bin for all your supplies so your space looks uniform.


Label all your bins. Peterson says this is an inexpensive way to make sure everything stays in its place. 

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