ST LOUIS PARK, Minn. — It’s Random Acts of Kindness Week here on KARE 11 Sunrise, a week where our staff has decided to help the community in various ways. 

There are so many things one can do to help out our neighbors. Right away, everyone thinks of monetary ways to enrich people’s lives. However, I decided to get back to basics. All I need is a shovel, a strong back and some snow.

Snow is lovely in the air, but when it hits your sidewalk, nobody likes it. Honestly, how many times have you wished someone would show up and shovel your sidewalk after a big dump of snow?

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Well, my plan was to hit the road in Mobile 11, find some snowy walks and give a couple of strangers a break by shoveling the latest snowfall. 

I spotted Jane Davidson clearing her front step and started shoveling the sidewalk in front of her house.

“Today of all days is perfect," she said. "I’m getting my new sofa delivered and I’m in the middle of my workday, so I’m super excited.”

Everyone who saw what was happening was receptive, including Jes Philbrook. 

“I think it’s pretty great, I appreciate the help,” she said. 

Then, she quickly thought her neighbors might benefit more.

“You know what? Our neighbors could probably use it more than we could or that house down there," she said. "They just had a baby so they would probably appreciate it.”

That’s the great thing about Minnesotans: we are always looking out for people who need it most.

We're hoping our random acts of kindness will encourage others to pay it forward. Let us know how you're spreading the love on social media using #sunrisers!  

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