ST PAUL, Minn. — Lake Nokomis beaches to close after swimmers become ill

Officials are set to close two Lake Nokomis beaches due to E. Coli concerns regarding three children who recently swam at the beach.The two beaches will remain closed until further investigation from the Minnesota Department of Health.This case involves a very specific strain of E. Coli, according to state health experts. Although the investigation is still underway, it's likely the strain was spread from another ill swimmer in the water. The Department of Health and Park Board are encouraging anyone who swam in Lake Nokomis recently and has symptoms, like diarrhea and stomach cramps, to call their doctor.  

Amid push for more officers, MPD responds to two possible homicides within seven hours

Officers respond to two fatalities in 7 hours

The Minneapolis Police Department will find out this week whether they’ll be able to hire more officers.The department says they’re severely short officers, and that in the last year there have been more than 6,700 times when they haven’t had a squad available to respond to a priority one 911 call. This week, Minneapolis police are investigating two possible homicides, which they were called to within seven hours. MPD Sgt. Darcy Horn said they didn't have to pull officers from other precincts to respond to those incidents, but they have had to do that in the past.

Vape health warnings: What are schools doing to address them?

Teen vaping dangers
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As the Minnesota Department of Health expands it's investigation into severe lung injuries linked to teens who vape, schools are providing a blueprint for parents to examine the issue with their kids.This spring, Big Lake Schools began offering students caught vaping a digital diversion program because they realized that many students weren't able to quit on their own. And because students often don't disclose that struggle with their parents, these experts hope parents understand what is really happening.The Minnesota Department of Health says the 4 cases of severe lung injury they are investigating appear to match another 12 confirmed cases in Wisconsin and three confirmed cases in Illinois. 

WEATHER: Rains clears, humidity levels drop

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