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Sunrise Snapshot: Monday, September 9

Everything you need to know heading into your Monday.
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — Protesters block I-494 after vigil for man shot by police

A candlelight vigil for a man killed in an officer-involve shooting turned into a protest Sunday night, with demonstrators temporarily blocking the westbound lanes of I-494. Police say the man who was shot, 30-year-old Brian Quiñones, confronted them with a knife late Saturday night. His cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds, according to the medical examiner. The community knew him through his music as a local rapper.  

Educators address 'passive bullying' in schools

While you might know what bullying looks like, even passive aggressive bullying, there is a 'hidden' bullying that one woman is warning about. Wyayn Rasmussen, Executive Director of the Academy of Whole Learning, writes “Passive bullying is the purposeful ignoring of someone perceived as vulnerable. It’s walking past an individual in the hallway and not making eye contact or saying hello. It’s not sitting with a fellow student in the cafeteria, or sitting at the table with them, but not including them in the conversation. It’s not choosing a child to be a partner when the teacher says, 'Get in groups of three.' It’s not inviting someone to your child’s birthday party because they’re different.” Rasmussen writes that a child or an adult being ignored is just as detrimental as actively being bullied.

Vikings fans have high expectations

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Fans all decked out in their Vikings gear on the sidelines ahead of the 2019 season opener vs. Atlanta at U.S. Bank Stadium.

After a disappointing season last year, fans say they're confident heading into this season. Forget a winning record or NFC North champs... Vikings fans have their sights set on Miami for the Super Bowl. The Vikings started the season with a resounding 28-12 victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

WEATHER: Breezy and cool with a chance for storms

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