GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — Missing Tennessee children found safe in Minnesota

Tennessee authorities say three young siblings reported missing have been found safe in Minnesota.

A tweet from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations early Friday morning confirmed the news. TBI says the kids were located in Cass County, Minnesota. They were with their non-custodial parents, who were taken into custody.

The suspects and children had been last seen in Van Buren County, Tennessee on July 9. That's about 1,100 miles south of where they were found.

Tropical Storm Barry forecast: Landfall likely in Louisiana overnight

Barry is getting a bit more organized and nearing the coastline of Louisiana. Still expecting landfall in the central coastline overnight tonight into Saturday morning as a strong tropical storm. Maximum sustained winds expected up to 70 mph. If they were at 74 mph, we would have a category 1 hurricane on our hands.

Maximizing the perks of airline 'bumping'

Maximizing the perks of airline 'bumping'

If you're flying during this busy summer travel season and dreading the long security lines and overbooked planes, you should know that patience pays.

"It pretty much paid for my trip," said Jenna Yockim, a KARE 11 employee, who recently returned home from Vancouver.

When she checked in for her flight home to Minnesota, Yockim says Delta was looking for volunteers to give up their seat and she was surprised to learn how much they were willing to give in return: a $2,000 American Express gift card.

Experts say those types of big payments are growing more common, as airlines work to maximize profits by overbooking planes.