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Sunrise Snapshot: Thursday, September 19

Everything you need to know heading into your Thursday.
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — Police: Man shot leaving Bible study in St. Paul

St. Paul Police are investigating the 20th deadly shooting of 2019, and the 6th in almost three weeks. The shooting happened around 8:40 p.m. Wednesday night near the intersection of Fuller Avenue and St. Albans Street North. Police say an adult male victim was among a group of people, including his father and young daughter, leaving an evening Bible study held at a nearby church. As of Thursday morning, no arrests have been made and police have not identified any suspects.

Republicans to reveal insulin funding proposal

There's a rush to help Minnesota diabetics afford life-saving insulin. Senate Republicans are set to reveal their plan later this morning at the Capitol. During the last legislative session, the Democrat-controlled House passed a bill to provide a 90-day emergency insulin supply to diabetics who can't afford it. They planned to pay for it by increasing fees on pharmaceutical companies and suppliers. But the Republican-controlled Senate didn't hold hearings on the bill, because they thought drug companies would sue and tie things up in court. DFL House leaders say they'll have an insulin assistance bill ready by the end of this month.

Downtown beatdown victim still suffering concussion symptoms

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Brendan O'Brien stepped out of a club at 4 a.m. on Aug. 17, his 24th birthday, and called an Uber from his smartphone. A group of people started chatting up O'Brien and his friend, then someone reached into O'Brien's pocket, going for his wallet. The situation escalated, with the group of people punching and kicking him until he was no longer moving. Because he was knocked out, O’Brien didn't know the extent of the brutality, and didn't go to the hospital immediately. Even now, a month later, he says the effects of the concussion leave him unable to drive, unable to carry long conversations, or even work.

WEATHER: Sunny and warm ahead of weekend storms

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