Minneapolis considers ban on drive-thru lanes for new businesses

Minneapolis elected officials envision a different kind of city.  A city with fewer cars – and more pedestrians, bikes and mass transit. On Thursday, the city planning commission will discuss a ban on new drive-thrus, including those at restaurants, banks, coffee shops and drug stores. Environmentalists say our collective quest for convenience comes at a price, and supporters explain idling cars at drive-thrus produce unnecessary emissions - while cars crossing sidewalks while entering and exiting drive-thrus impede pedestrians and make crossing unsafe. The drive-thought ban would apply only to new stores. Existing businesses would be grandfathered in. 

Zillow Offers launches in Twin Cities

Zillow Offers launches in Twin Cities

Anyone looking to sell their home in the Twin Cities has a new option. Instead of just listing home prices, Zillow is now buying and selling homes. The Zillow Offers program officially launched in the Twin Cities Monday morning. All sellers have to do is go to Zillow's website, type in some information, send a few pics and the company will send an offer to buy your home within 48 hours.
That means no listings, no open houses and no contingencies, if you're trying to buy another home in the market. But that convenience comes with a cost. University of Saint Thomas real estate professor Herb Tousley says the average commission to sell a home the traditional way is 5-6%. Zillow says its offer program carries an average fee of 7%. 

Minneapolis Police holding precinct open houses

Minneapolis Police patch_1464902459407.jpg

The Minneapolis Police Department is holding open houses at each of its precincts this week in order to better connect the community and the department. Each open house will be slightly different, but people will be able to tour the stations, check out police squads and emergency equipment, and meet officers. The open houses are part of National Police Week, which dates back to 1962 as a way to recognize the service and sacrifice of law enforcement in the U.S. "It's just a really nice time for people to get to know each other and to not only know the officers in the area but really get to know your neighbors, too," said Sgt. Darcy Horn, a spokesperson for Minneapolis Police.