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#Sunrisers Book Club reviews 'The Maid'

February's book club pick was "The Maid" by Nita Prose. It's a Clue-like murder mystery about a young maid who finds herself in a sticky situation.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn — Jennifer Austin: This was a fun, easy read. If you need a "breather" in between longer, heavier reads, this book is great. If you're looking for a true murder mystery - this isn't it. You won't be turning the pages to figure out "whodunnit." But you will find yourself engrossed in the development of the main character. Her traits, which seem like liabilities in the beginning of the book, work to her advantage by the end. Happy reading!

Gia Vang: If you need a break from some of the heavier reading you might be doing, this is it! I appreciated the author's approach to bring fullness to characters who are different, may typically be in the shadows, or marginalized.  

For example, the author fleshes out a full character for someone living with a disability, an undocumented person, and people of color and how those individuals are taken advantage of. The author layered those storylines with the physical attractiveness of people and makes you think about how much leeway we as a society give to people who are attractive. She does all this while containing it in a storyline about the rich and famous at a popular destination hotel. I read it in my free time over three days! Pick it up if you need an easy read on a long weekend trip, but pass on it if you really like to be surprised with storylines.

Alicia Lewis: This murder mystery was my pick for the month of February. I was hoping it would be more of a thriller, leaving me guessing until the last minute but it was predictable midway through. I will say I enjoyed the quirkiness and somewhat comedic moments laced throughout the novel. Although it wasn't what I anticipated for a murder-mystery... this book was still a quick easy read that I enjoyed. I'm definitely passing this one on to a friend! Enjoy!

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