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#Sunrisers60: 'You're A Gem' museum

The pop-up museum is the perfect place to snap a few Instagramable selfies

MINNEAPOLIS — There's a new pop-up museum in Minneapolis that's bombarding Instagram with selfies.

It's all about gemstones at the 'You're a Gem' installation in the Northeast.

"It's really like an interactive art museum where you come in and experience art in a 360 experience, and you get to become part of it," said Larissa Loden. She's a local jewelry designer and came up with the idea for the museum.

There are eight rooms, each created by local designers and artists including Girl Friday, Ashley Mary, Araya Jensen, Kevin Kramp, Celina Kane and Pink Linen.

"It's part of why the Minnesota art scene is so great, it's just a community of dreamers and doers. You just don't wait for something to happen, you just go out and do it yourself," said Loden.

The rooms vary in color and texture, playing off of the gemstone theme.

One room features rubies and sapphires, while another shimmers in an opal colors.

Loden says a popular room features a prism, that when you walk closer to the wall, the more colorful you become.

The museum is open through Memorial Day and then artists will pack things up.

You can find it in the Northrup King Building in Minneapolis, at 1500 Jackson Street NE Suite 332.

Admission is $20 for adults and $10 for kids.

All of the money goes toward the non-profit Northeast Minneapolis Artist Community-- which supports local artists.